What Our Patients Say

"I see Dr. Janis and he is really caring and has helped me out tremendously. I have been a patient of his for about 2 years now and I owe my life to him. I came to him through Johnston Memorial Hospital and I didn’t have a lot of money or insurance (I do have insurance now). He took me in and has treated and continues to treat me. I drive from Wake Forest, N.C. to Smithfield just to see him. He is that good!! Thank you so much to you and your staff!! Ya’ll are great!! -- Jamie M. "


"Thanks for the great presentation today. This was our 5th year putting on the Go Red event and it was definitely a success. Thanks to WHV - Wake Heart & Vascular and Dr. Zellinger for participating. -- Scott Wright, Cardiac Rehab Director, Harnett Health"


"Dr. Sidharth Shah, Thank you doesn’t seem enough for your excellent care and compassion shown to Steve & us. We thank God you were the doctor to see him & take care of him.  We’ve never had a doctor who took the time to explain everything to us like you did.  Also your kindness and compassion shown to us, his family.  God Bless You. -- The Stephen N. Sumner family"


"I am 56 and was treated for a stroke at WakeMed by Dr. Hook.  My wife was terrified as I could not talk or communicate.  Dr. Hook told my wife what was happening and described the procedure to treat the stroke.  She asked him what he would do if it were him.  He reassured her, and told her that the longer they waited the stroke could cause more damage. Dr. Hook did the procedure and the blood clot in the brain went away. He did several follow ups and could not find any more problems.  I was sent through rehab at the hospital, then follow up with home health and speech therapy. Dr. Hook knew my doctor, and they communicated regularly. I have had several follow up visits with Dr. Hook.  He is very dependable, and remembers me.  He listened to me and my wife, and takes his very important time to do what is needed.  I feel Dr. Hook is one on the best Doctors in North Carolina.  He notices what is happening with his patients and he follows through with them, and their family doctor afterwards. Thank you Dr. Hook for giving me a second chance. - Sherrill Turnage"


"My family has been patients of Dr. Zellinger for decades, almost since his arrival in Raleigh. For example, my husband was in WakeMed under his care for the following multiple illness: heart attack, heart failure, afib of heart, stroke,double pneumonia, and coded because of the problems.  Dr. Zellinger's remarkable knowledge brought him through the sickness, which was 4 years ago. My husband is now 82 years old, and Dr. Zellinger continues to see him as a patient, of which they have a promise to help him to live to be 100!! I love the manner that Dr. Zellinger explains patient care to the next of kin.  Thank you, Dr. Zellinger, and may God Bless you with continued knowledge and health to help others. -- Barbara McClenny"


"Thank you WHV for providing such great cardiologists.  My grandmother, Mollie Hudson, lived to be 95 years old under Dr. Zellinger's care.  She dearly loved and respected him.  Not only does he continue to care for my dad, Ray Cardwell, I am now also a patient of his.  I truly trust this group of cardiologists!  Special thanks to Drs. Hooks, Rose and Cooper for my hospital care following 2 heart attacks. -- Susan Abbott "


"Dr. Jobe looked after my Mom for over 10 years and he was the most caring doctor that I believe I've ever seen with her. He really cared about her and was always there for her, no matter what.  She really loved him and would talk to anyone about what a fine doctor he was. - Myra Ferrell-Basinger"


"I have been seeing Dr Akhtar for over a year now and always look forward to my next visit with him because he makes me feel hopeful about my condition. Dr. Akhtar is paient and knowledgable and that's why I trust him with my heart health. - Vashti Wright"


"Dr Kronenberg cares about people. He’s really nice. It’s like you’ve known him all your life."


"Dr. Janis is very thorough. I like him."


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